Hi.  I’m Anne Robson, copywriter and content creator.

Anne RobsonI help small businesses reach their ideal clients, save money on their advertising costs, and increase their sales by writing clever copy which shares their message clearly and accurately.

I’ve worked with clients across a variety of industries, from building to coaching and to online business.

I first started writing when I was about 8. I used to write ‘newspapers’ which I would then sell to my long-suffering, elderly neighbours for 5 cents a copy. I have written stories, articles, poems, songs and much more. I can’t help it. It’s just one of those things I was born to do.

I am a contributing author to a number of magazines and websites. I am a blogger, too. I wrote for The Tall Poppy and The Calm Space as well as for Cherry Mag where I wrote as my alter ego ‘Ms FeetUp’. Yes, that name suits me.

I’m a blend of imagination and common sense. I have a BA and a Grad.Dip.Bus and a background that covers art, human resources and business.  I write on business, leadership, personal development, toys and many other topics.

I love to tell stories and to read them, especially fiction and children’s books.  I love the sort of magic we believed in as kids and I’d still love to explore The Faraway Tree and The Secret Garden.  I love music (and that’s pretty much anything from jazz to metal.)  I live in central Victoria surrounded by birds and kangaroos.