Do you ever wake up in the mornings feeling that you are ready to take flight? Your vision is so crystal clear that you can touch it even as you walk past the dirty dishes in the kitchen and the messes of paper on your desk without even noticing them. You are so wholly centred in your vision that it wraps around you like a cocoon. It’s warm and loving and exciting.

But something happens when you look into this screen. You check your emails or pop into Facebook and there it goes. Your vision is shattered on the hard cement of opinions.

You can’t do it that way.”

“Oh I’ve tried that and it didn’t work.”

“Get real!”

People don’t mean to stop you. They genuinely believe they are saving you from making a mistake.

I consider myself very lucky.  I’ve had this experience a couple of times and it has taught me a lot.

The first thing I learnt is that these opinions aren’t what smashes your vision.  They might form the hammer but it’s you who chooses to swing it.

Poet Monique Duval speaks of us as two parts.  One side is earthbound and the other has wings.  The part with wings is the part with vision.  It has the power to soar way above your present life and out of the reach of the naysayers.  Our earthbound selves are rooted in the ground and fed by those little voices in our head which speak of doubt and negativity.

“She explained that the part of ourselves with wings sometimes battles with our earthbound selves.” – Monique Duval

We’ve been raised to look outwards and pay attention to others.  We’ve been taught to reach out for that hammer.  The longer we listen, the more likely it is that we’ll swing it.  We dash our own dreams.  There is no one else to blame.

The other thing I learnt is that no matter how clearly you explain your vision, no one will ever see it the way you do.  There is only one set of wings there and they are yours.  They are as strong as your vision.  They can be powerful enough to let you kiss your earthbound self goodbye and lift you free, following the rays of light shining from your vision.

Look in, not out.  Your wings are on the inside right next to your vision.  Try them on.  They will be a perfect fit.