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Unless we have specifically agreed otherwise, we do not work on weekends.
That means we will not return work-related calls or emails. The same applies for public holidays.


Rates of Service

All jobs are quoted at a set price rather than a $ per hour arrangement.  We offer these pricing options:

By the job:  We will provide you with a quote per job.  For large projects, this is the most economical way for you to choose.

By the package: We develop package pricing so you get the best value when you book a regular monthly service.

Rush jobs:   Rush jobs attract an additional fee of 25%.

Minimum project fee:           $300


Payment for Services

For all projects at or below $500, we require payment up front.

For projects above $500, a 50% deposit is required before any work can begin.

An invoice for the remaining 50% will be issued when you receive the first draft of your copy. Invoices are payable on receipt.

For ongoing services (those done on a month by month basis) we require payment at the start of each month.

Payment is via direct deposit into the nominated account.


If you are happy with our proposal, the invoice is due and payable on receipt so your project can be booked in.

Late Fees

A late fee of $25 will be applied to all overdue invoices.

Ownership of work

You have full copyright once payment has been made in full. Until payment has been made, all work remains the property of Clever Streak and cannot be used by you.

Acceptance of terms.

These terms are freely available on our website.  By booking us to complete work for you, you are agreeing to our terms.


Standard conditions.


Up to two revisions are included at no extra charge unless they are based on a change in the assignment made after the copy is submitted.  All revisions must be assigned within 7 days of receipt of the first draft of copy. If we have not received any feedback or comments within two weeks of submitting work to you (at any stage – the initial draft or subsequent edits), we will assume you are happy and the work has been completed.


We intend all our work to be produced free of errors, typographical faults and errors.   If we make an error we will correct it for you.  The responsibility for the final proofreading will be yours.

Third Party Arrangements

Where an agency is acting on behalf of their own client, the agency is considered to be our client and is subject to the terms and conditions set out in this contract.


We commit to maintaining confidentiality in regards to your business and the work you have booked us to do for you.  We ask that you offer us the same degree of confidentiality regarding our business.

This applies during the period in which we work for you as well as for all time after completion.


The quoted fee is for copy only. It does not cover design and production unless these services are included in the project description listed above.


Clever Streak relinquishes all responsibility for legal repercussions which may be incurred on publication or distribution of material by the Client. It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of all content and that all information provided to, or produced by Clever Streak, is factual and correct.


We will work within our agreed deadline. Delivery date may be extended if you do not supply material on time or have not paid your deposit.  It may also be late due to disasters or circumstances beyond our control.

Our Newsletters

Client details are added to the database for update purposes.  We do not share names or addresses with anyone else.  We value our privacy and treat yours with the same respect.

We reserve the right to update these terms as necessary.

Check our privacy policy.

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