I will meet all your content and copywriting needs.

how i work

This is your project, not mine. That means I do my best to fit in with your needs and your timeline. I can be reasonably flexible with the way I work and I strive to keep my clients happy.

I do have a general process that I follow as we get started and you can read about that elsewhere on this page.

If you’re busy and want to have all the information saved at your fingertips, download my portfolio here. It includes everything you need to help you get moving with your copy.

Now, let’s get your project started.



how i work

  1. You contact me for help.  You can do that by phone or email, or fill in my form.
  2. I will send you out a writing brief which is full of questions which help clarify exactly what you want, when you need it and what you want to achieve with the work.
  3. Based on your answers, I will submit a proposal and quote to you for your OK.
  4. Once everything is agreed and signed off, I ask for a 50% deposit up front which books your spot.
  5. I gather any more information I need from you and then get to work.

You can read more about our terms and conditions here and they will also be included in the proposal we send you.