All the hype about healthy breakfasts does my head in. is everyone biased against the Tim Tam breakfast?  In my opinion, Tim Tams are a perfectly delicious and very reasonable breakfast food choice.

So what if the chocolate melts in your fingers as you do the Tim Tam slam? It’s all the more to enjoy later on as you lick up that gooey goodness.

Let me make the situation even worse.

Let’s have Tim Tams for breakfast while you’re still in your pyjamas. And be daring – stay in those PJs while you start work. Well, unless you have to leave home to go to work. That would be just plain weird.

It’s not just the Tim Tams I love.  It’s the whole experience. I feel naughty, decadent and child-like. I keep waiting for my mother to pop up from nowhere and tell me I shouldn’t be doing it.

That’s what makes it such a perfectly reasonable breakfast choice. Not only do the Tim Tams please my tastebuds, they change my mindset straight away.

When I sit down to a traditional, healthy breakfast, I can be confident that I’m doing the right thing for my health. I’m basically pretty pleased with myself. That’s the mindset that then carries over when I start work. I do the right thing at the right time and using the right words. I do a great job.

But sometimes as a writer, I need more than that. I need to shake off that ‘goodness’ and start thinking differently. I need to cut through the noise, and it’s not easy to do if I’ve done what I always do that morning. I need to think from the Tim Tam point of view.

People say that getting away from the office is great when you want to think outside the box.  While that’s true, you can’t always get away. You can achieve the same results by varying your routine and doing at least one thing differently. Just make sure that one thing is big enough to trigger different feelings inside you.

I love Tim Tams and I love feeling like a naughty kid when I have them for breakfast. When I have that rule breaker feeling, my brain says “What the hell! Let’s go break rules!” It thinks all the thoughts it wouldn’t normally do. It has new ideas and creates new solutions, and all because I’ve made one simple change to my routine.

Strong women eat Tim Tams. Creative women eat Tim Tams. Powerful women eat Tim Tams.  AND, they even do it in their pyjamas.

Put away your breakfast biases and see Tim Tams for the brain power tool they really are.

So, would you like one Tim Tam or two?

Published in ROOOAR Magazine, 2015