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Sales page conversion

Ingredients which make your sales page convert.

A sales page is a page you create purely with the intention of selling a product or service. There are […]

You need a content strategy

Put some strategy into your content.

Do you know what you’re supposed to be doing with the content you create? It’s not just about posting your […]

Show your personality

Do you show your personality?

This may sound like a strange question, but it’s one I’m often asked. Let’s get into it, then.

Do you meet your own deadlines?

Are you marketing your own business?

. For a lot of you, the answer is probably yes. My next question is this. How well is your […]

Attract the right customers

5 Key Tips for Writing for Your Website.

. When it’s time for a new website, most of us get excited about the design and style aspects. We […]

funny quotation

You can always rely on a good quote.

When someone has found the perfect assembly of words to make a point, why reinvent the wheel? Let me share […]