social media managerHave you considered using a social media manager for your business?

As a small business owner, I am painfully aware that one of my most valuable resources is time.  Learning to delegate responsibilities is difficult for most of us, but it frees up valuable time that can be spent on important tasks like sharpening focus, growing the business, and achieving a sane work/life balance.

Save time,

Even if you are an expert in the ins and outs of marketing, and enjoy interacting with others via social media, it’s still an activity that takes up a large amount of time, if it is to be done in an effective manner.  I’ve seen countless business owners start interacting with others on social media and begin building their audience only to see all of this effort fall to the wayside when something comes up that interferes with their ability to interact on a regular basis. This is one of the main reasons why I recommend that clients consider hiring a social media manager.

Use their expertise.

Hiring a social media manager, however, is about more than saving time, it’s also about expertise, direction and objectivity.  A good social media manager has the marketing background and training to be able to fully analyse your business and target market. A social media manager will then use this information to formulate a strategy for content creation and management across all of your social media accounts as well as your company blog.

Social media conversions.

Ideally, the content will connect you with members of your target audience and convert them, not only into customers, but fervent fans and followers of your brand. In addition to creating and managing your content and social media interactions, a professional social media manager provides focus to the promotion of your brand while also developing ways to measure and repeat successful results. Instead of using trial and error and hoping for the best, a social media manager directs and co-ordinates all of your social media efforts to maximise your results so that you save both time and money.

Independent vision.

While you might be tempted to delegate the management of your social media to someone on your staff, hiring a professional social media manager from outside your business can be a valuable source of objectivity and fresh ideas. Hiring a social media manager from outside your company will provide independent insight about you, your business and your audience and will improve your results.

Understand SEO

A professional social media manager also has the training to know how to use SEO best practices when creating your content so that you increase the reputation of your brand with both your audience and the search engines. Being a novice in these areas can literally be fatal to your online presence and can lead to your brand picking up a negative reputation or sinking into obscurity.

While all of us wear many hats, there are times when we shouldn’t try to do it all. These are the times that it literally pays to ask for help. Just as you would hire a lawyer to assist you with legal contracts and a bookkeeper to help you with your paperwork, a social media manager is an expert in social media, content creation, marketing and web development that can build your reputation and brand recognition, increase your leads and sales and save you time, and ultimately money.