People sometimes ask me why they should write articles for their business.  They don’t understand how to them in business and are surprised to find that articles can be used over and over again.

Articles are wonderful things for showing off your knowledge.  They can be a great tool in your business toolkit and will sell your service or product in a way that is totally different from your regular sales methods.

If you have written an article you can do lots of things with it.

*Submit it to article directories

*Add it to your blog

*Include it in your newsletter

*Share it on Twitter or Facebook

*Add them to your website

*Answer questions at LinkedIn or Yahoo with a summary and link to your article.

*Link to it on forums when relevant.

*Offer it as a free downloadable report for new subscribers

*Submit it to magazines both print and digital

When you look at that list you can see that it makes sense to invest the time in writing articles for your business.  If you can’t do it yourself it is a worthwhile investment to have them written for you.  If you have an article and have only used it once then you need to look at other ways to make it work for you.