How many people come to your site and then leave without trace?

Building your list can be difficult. It seems to take forever to get people interested in what you have to say, especially if yours is a new business. What can you do to encourage them to subscribe and why bother?

You’ve probably heard about the sales funnel. That’s something that every business should have in place. The top of the funnel is the wide mouth that collects as much as it can and for most of you, it’s where you collect subscribers to your list. Once they are in your funnel you can market to them. Just think about it. The more subscribers you have, the more likely it is that someone will buy your goods or services.

This is where the Client Catcher comes in. It’s the lure at the top of your funnel. It’s the tempter that visitors to your site just have to have.

A Client Catcher is a free report or ecourse that you give away in exchange for a subscription to your newsletter. It will only work if you are offering something that the client wants. That means that it has to be of interest to them – perhaps it answers questions, solves problems or teaches them something that they want to know.

Remember, these people aren’t likely to know you and may know nothing about your business so the odds of them spending a fortune with you straight away are small. By offering a free giveaway you are allowing them time to get comfortable with and learn more about you and that ultimately leads to sales.

Once they have subscribed it’s your job to make certain that your newsletter is full of useful and valuable content. That’s how you’ll keep your clients and encourage them to shop with you.

We can create your Client Catcher for you. We use a simple process to help you work out what you need so that you can start capturing leads quickly. Lead generation has never been this easy!

Contact Anne to get your Client Catcher straight away.