If you are serious about growing your business and increasing your profits, then outsourcing is just way to do this

The chances are that you are a small operator who is trying to manage all the elements of the business by yourself.  Am I right?   It’s you who does the bookkeeping.  It’s you who does the advertising.  It’s you who does the ordering.  It’s you who does the sales………  Recognise yourself?

How long can you keep that up and still have a productive and thriving business?  How long before you or the business crashes and burns?  Outsourcing is something that you seriously need to think about if you want to be maximising your business potential. 

One of the most time consuming areas for business is maintaining a relationship with their clients and building new relationships.  It can take hours to write a newsletter, can’t it?  While you know that blogging is an excellent way to build business credibility, you often don’t have that hour or so per week to sit down and write the posts.  If you take the time to do your writing you are losing time that you should be spending on sales.  It’s a catch 22 unless you get some help.

Business owners sometimes say that they can’t afford to outsource their work.  How wrong they are  Instead, they spend hours writing an article that I could have written for them.  How much has that cost them in time?  If they want to earn big money that year then each hour of their time is worth big money, too.  .

What is your hour worth?  $50?  $100?   If you spend a couple of hours writing your newsletter then it has just cost you $100-$200 in wasted time plus the loss of profit from whatever else you could have been doing.  That is a lot of money, isn’t it?

For the $200 it just cost you trying to do it yourself you could have had multiple articles written, and written well.  It’s a no-brainer, isn’t it?

Outsourcing saves you money, time and sanity so pick up the phone and call me now.