1077596_exploreHappy New Year to you. I hope it is fun, prosperous and stimulating for you.

We are at the start of a whole new year full of possibilities and options.  Where will it take you?  Do you know where you want to be by the end of 2010?   Many of us fall into a new year with little or no planning.  Our major contribution is a New Year resolution which we forget about once the bubbly is finished.

Why waste this fresh, blank page that is in front of us?   Set yourself some goals.  We all need something to strive for otherwise one day is pretty much the same as the next.  In fact, set yourself some outrageous goals.  You may not reach them but imagine how far you will get?  Failing to reach the sun is not a failure if you have made it into an orbit you would never have reached before, is it?

Good planning is always a backwards affair.  The great strategists tell us to start at the end and work back to where we are now.  That will show us the steps we need to take to get us to the end point.  Create big picture goals and then break them down into smaller goals or success points along the way.  Keep a chart of the goals that you need to reach along the way.  Don’t forget to use the SMART rules when you are formulating your goals.  I am sure you know them –

  • S Specific
  • M Measurable
  • A Acheivable
  • R Relevant
  • T Timeframe
  • By using the SMART method you will be able to track your performance throughout the year.  They allow you to celebrate the success points along your journey.   

    Define where you want to go, identify strategies that will get you there and set goals for them, then launch yourself into orbit.  See where 2010 takes you.  I wish you all the best.