SEO copywriting; you’ve heard the term but you haven’t got your head around it yet, so here’s what you need to know.

SEO copywritingMany business owners and managers have a great product or service that answers a need or provides a solution to potential clients. Most of them also have a company website with beautiful images and landing pages. Despite all of these things advantages, their business just hasn’t quite taken off, and they can’t quite figure out what is wrong. If you look closely, it’s easy to see why customers aren’t lining up for their products and services — they’ve failed to include SEO copywriting on their website.

Understanding Basic Copywriting

Most websites use a combination of three types of content to gain the attention of potential customers as well as search engines: text, images and possibly audio/video content. All of the text that you see on a website, from its landing pages, to its blog posts and even its product descriptions are the result of a process known as copywriting. Copywriting is simply the act of writing content.

Copywriting is an important part of designing and developing your website. Effective content is useful and interesting to readers and it is written in such a way as to grab the attention of visitors to the site. When content is well written and useful, visitors want to continue reading. Often they will visit your site and may “like” and “share” content from your site to their contacts. It’s the Digital Age’s version of “word of mouth” advertising. Your business absolutely needs it to survive and thrive.

Why SEO Copywriting Should Matter to You

Writing compelling content is only half the battle in gaining natural traffic to your website. There are literally millions of websites on the internet, so it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Copywriting must also be optimised so that it stands out from all of the other sites and rises to the top of the results for the major search engines.  Techniques such as keywords, keyphrases, backlinks and localisation are used in this process of search engine optimisation, or SEO, and without it your website is practically invisible on the Internet.

SEO copywriting then is the fine art of creating clever, original, interesting content that will catch the attention of both search engines as well as visitors to your website. When used correctly, SEO copywriting will accomplish the following for you and your website.

  1. Increase Search Engine Ranking
  2. Improve the Visibility of the Site
  3. Establish Your Authority in Your Niche Market
  4. Improve Natural Traffic to Your Site
  5. Increase Conversions
  6. Drive Sales
  7. Create Loyal Fans of Your Content, and by Association, Your Business and Products or Services
  8. Fans Become Advocates Via Liking and Sharing Your Content on Their Social Media

What’s the Catch?

While SEO Copywriting may sound easy, it really isn’t. To be effective, you must post new, original, interesting and useful SEO content to your site on a regular basis.

You have to stay on top of the constant changes to the algorithms of the major search engines so that you continue to use the latest, most up to date SEO best practices in all of the copywriting on your site.

Fail to post new, original SEO content regularly, and the search engines will actually push you down in the search engine results!

Even if you manage to do all of these things, you still have to find the time for your day to day business operations as well as your personal life away from work.

With all of these challenges, wouldn’t it be great if there was someone that you could turn to that could share your workload? Wouldn’t it be a relief to find someone with years of experience in creating interesting and exciting SEO content? Someone that tracks and stays current with the latest SEO updates and best practices? Lucky for you, there is someone just like that — and we are happy to help you!  Contact us for help with all your business writing.