SEO copywriting attracts clients and search engines.


How does SEO copywriting help you?

SEO copywriting is a structured way of writing your online content which helps improve your website’s search engine ranking.  It is one part of your overall marketing and SEO strategy.  Is it important to be found high in the search results?

Well, yes. A recent survey found that the top listing in Google’s search results has 32% of the traffic. 

SEO copywriting is a beautiful balance between meeting the needs of the reader and the needs of the search engines.

The trick to SEO copywriting is writing well for your readers while structuring the words to meet the needs of the search engines.

If you don’t use the right words – the ones your target market use to search for products – you won’t be found. 

SEO copywriting

Where can you use SEO copywriting? 

Anywhere you create and share content online. That means you can include keywords in your articles, blog posts, web page content, social media posts – anywhere. Just make sure that the words are relevant to your material and you’re not overdoing it.

How can I help you?

I offer full SEO copywriting services such as optimising your existing online content, and creating compelling articles and blog or social media posts.  I can also help you with content marketing to achieve maximum value from your content.

I can assist you with any content marketing related task, no matter how big or small the job might be. If you need help to create copy which attracts clients and search engines, contact me and I will get you started.