You might have noticed that there are two new tabs on our menu.  One will take you to our brand new store and the other to our affiliate page.

Don’t faint! I know it has taken a while to do it but at last it is done.

What does this mean for you?

Simplicity.    In fact. that is our theme for the year.  We want to make workign with Clever Streak the clever and SIMPLE option for you.

Simple to order:

It is simple to order a product or service.  You can order it right here on the site and that even includes the month-by-month options. 

1.  Order

2.  We contact you to work out your exact needs.

3.  We take care of them.

Simple to profit:

It is simple to make some money by referring businesses to us.  You earn 10% of the sales that come from your referral.  By signing up you can create your own link which is what we use to trace referrals back to you.  Just add a banner to your site or in your email signature and off you go.

We still need to add more banners for you to choose from but those will be updated regularly.

You will see us fine-tuning things as we go along.  We might reshuffle the categories or add new products from time to time.

If there is something you would like to see added or altered plesae let us know.