creative copy challengeThey were bright red and engorged, just within hands reach. I touched them hesitantly, picked one and gave it a gentle squeeze. The wizened old man they belonged to sat bolt upright and in a histrionic performance, berated me in some foreign language.

“It’s ok. I won’t hurt”, I said.

It was easy for me to say. I guess he thought they’d burst. I palpated again while I looked at him from under my eyebrows. The dominatrix in me was awakening.

A touch, a squeeze and a squeal. Yep. That made my day. Oh, I’m a bad girl.

I stood there, looking at the shiny red things, so swollen that they must have been painful. What could I do with them? I tended towards the laparoscopic approach. I could always stuff them with something to retain their shape and delicacy. On the other hand, I could eviscerate them and remove the engorged parts completely.

Verisimilitude won the day. A little scraping and stuffing was the way to go.

The old man had long since stopped yelling at me and was watching me with suspicion written all over his face.

Suddenly one of his balls popped. With flesh bursting everywhere and dripping through my fingers, my hands were imbued with sweet red stains. I couldn’t help myself. I just had to taste. Tentatively I licked one finger. And then another. And again.

An epiphany!

Sauce. I would make tomato sauce!

“I’ll take the whole box, please.”


It just takes 10 random words to kickstart a story and blast through writer’s block.  This story was born in Challenge 139 of the Creative Copy Challenge.

The words highlighted in bold were the chosen words for this challenge and it was up to us to do what we could with them.  Are there things I’d change about the story?  Yes, of course. Are they important?  No, not at all. My goal was to break through my writer’s block and these writing prompts were exactly what I needed.  In a way, the story is irrelevant.  Yeah, OK. It’s a bit naughty, too.

If you like to play with words and occasionally need some help to get your brain going again, come on over and join the challenge.