I hope you’re ready for a big year because 2012 is it.

From our corner of the world there might be a little bit of dust, some muted swearing and lots of laughs as we change gears to meet demand.  We’ve got lots of plans and some of them have begun to take shape already.


So far:

We’ve taken on our youngest recruit.  At only 15 years of age, Alana will be writing about products and issues relevant to children and teenagers.

Kurt, our business expert, will start sharing some of the strategies he is using to guide small businesses towards the success that they want.

We’ve created our new Intro to WordPress program and it will soon be available to our clients.

We’ve reshaped our own content strategy so we can bring you useful information more often.

And we’re not even two weeks into the year!

What else can you expect from Clever Streak this year?

Accountability – yours, not ours!  You can’t hand over total responsibility for your business communications.  You have to be involved.  It’s YOUR business, not ours.  If you want to pass it all over and not worry about it again, well we don’t want to work with you.  Yep, that sounds harsh, but we believe that a business will be successful only when it has your authentic presence behind it.

Resources – we are building a library of resources that will help you to build a better business.

Strategy – one of our keywords for the year.  We’ll be teaching you how to build and maintain an effective communication strategy by sharing the tips and tricks that we’ve discovered.  Make every word and every action count towards your success.

Fun – in our own twisted little way we will keep things fun and interesting throughout the year.  This is our anti-boredom campaign, so be prepared.

And there’s plenty more that I can’t tell you about yet so keep watching.

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2012 is about to take off!