Have you ever wondered about your customers and how they interact with you?  What is their social profile?

A couple of years ago Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li created social technographics which is a way of classifying the social behaviour of people within your target market.  This is what they came up with.

It’s a ladder based on the level and type of social media involvement that different sectors of your market have and it forms a social profile for you.  The best thing about it is not just that it categorises people but it shows you how best to approach them through your marketing efforts.

  (source: Forrester)

Each rung on the ladder belongs to a different group and beside is the description of the kind of activities that group performs within the social media.

“At the top are activities that demand a lot of participation and creativity, like the Creator group that blogs or uploads video. In the middle are activities that are easier, like reacting to content (Critics) or Joining a social network (Joiners). Near the bottom are the people just consuming the stuff, the Spectators. The Inactives do none of these activities. The groups overlap — most Creators are also Spectators, for example.”

Just imagine how you could use this information to spread the word about your business or new product.

But what do you actually know about your own target market?  You know your ideal clients but where do they sit on the ladder?

This Social Technographics Profile Tool will show you.   It’s based on research throughout the world and it is intended to help you plan a targeted social technology strategy.

Enter your data at the top and you will find a breakdown of the behaviours of the different genders and age brackets within your market.

Have a play.  It’s a great head start to planning your next campaign.