Recently I posted an article on Build a Little Biz.  A reader had asked a question about what to write on her “About Us’ page.  Of course, that is one of my little soap boxes and I had no hesitation on standing on it and pontificating about the page and its purpose.


I am getting a website designed and I need to write an ‘about me’ page. I have no idea what to write! I don’t just want to write who I am, what I do etc. I really want my customers to identify with me and see how I can help them, why my business is perfect for them.

“Hello there.  I’ve just checked out your website and it looks pretty good.  You’ve got what I want at the price I want to pay:  but so did the last site…and the one before that.  Why should I shop with you?”

That’s the question your ‘about’ page needs to answer.  Why you? Why here?  Why now?

Have you checked your stats lately?   If you already have some sort of ’about’ page you might be surprised to see how many people visit it.  On my own site, the page is one of the most frequently visited of all my pages.  That’s because people want to know who is behind the business and whether they like and trust me enough to put their business into my hands.

I’ve written quite a few ‘about’ pages in my time and it’s usually an uphill battle with the business owner.  What they want is not really an ‘about us’ page – it’s an ‘about my business’ page.  The main problem with that is that unless you are an established brand, the page is not going to help convert visitors into customers.  Some people will shop with you regardless, but the thing that turns most visitors into clients is human connection.

If you want people to connect and identify with you, you’ll have to expose yourself to them.  It’s you they want, not the business.

If you’d like to read about how to make your ‘about’ page work for you, pop over to Build a Little Biz for the rest of the article.  (Yeah, I know.  But there’s some other great info over there that you should look at, too)