Pronounced Discuss, Disqus has changed the way that blog comments systems work.  The system allows you to combine comments with community in a way that no other comment system can.

It boosts social interaction through the commenting system which in turn helps you to build a community which can then result in your site receiving more traffic.

Many bloggers use plugins including Akismet in order to block spam and CommentLuv is often used to’share the love’ for comments. However even though these plugins enable you to have far more interaction with your readers, it is true that the more plugins you are using the higher the chance of you experiencing blog problems.

With the Disqus plugin readers can like a comment, find out more information about a commenter and subscribe to that person’s comments.

Readers of your blog will basically be able to comment the same as they normally would, however they can also login through their Facebook or Twitter account. How easy is that?

If you create a Disqus profile then you will be able to add all your various social networking profiles to this one link.  This effectively means you will be able to link your Facebook, Digg and Twitter accounts to your profile. It is also easy to add your website and other details and this can help lead readers to the sites you want them to find.

There is evidence to suggest that growing comment communities tend to receive more traffic. Research has also found that comments have a clear SEO benefit and that comments can actually improve search accuracy by as much as 15%.  That means that the better the conversation you have in your comment stream the more potential there is for a boost to your SEO.

The comment system is live.  You can moderate comments via your blog, the Disqus site or even via email.  The more prompt your response, the more likely the comments will become a discussion!

The new version of Disqus includes a Community view which shows off the website’s top participants as well as some of the hottest discussions happening right now.  What a great way to encourage interacton.

We use Disqus here on the Clever Streak blog and much prefer it to the standard blog commenting system.

Have you tried Disqus?  Leave me a comment here and tell me how you find it.