If you have been in business for any length of time you will know that it is your clients who can make or break the business.  If you want to stay in business and be successful then you need to work on building and maintaining relationships with your clients and potential clients.

None of us have spare fortunes to spend on marketing and it’s an expense which can quickly add up if you don’t plan it out.   Often we forget to market to our existing clients and spend time and money on finding new ones.  Do you know how much it costs to find new clients?  WAY more than it does to nurture your existing ones.   Why not look after the clients you have?  They know you and trust you so they are more likely to shop with you than with anyone else.

Take advantage of such cost effective communication methods as email messages, newsletters and social networking.  This allows you to stay in touch with clients but it also exposes you to your whole target market.  Others will get to know you.  They’ll see how much you know about their needs and they will see your passion and enthusiasm for what you do.  They will learn how much you really care about helping them.  That’s what building relationships is all about.

Social networking and all forms of e-contact lets your happy clients share your message, spreading it virally throughout your target market  Remember, your existing clients are great at word of mouth marketing!  Now can you see why it’s important to establish and maintain those relationships?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a recognised marketing and management tool which can not only increase sales and save you money but has the added advantage of being able to assist with your ability to target and profile new clients.

And if that hasn’t convinced you yet – then here is something to take away with you.

If you don’t take the time andmake the commitment to maintain  contact with your customers or clients, then your competitors will!