Much as I like to write it doesn’t always happen easily when I want it to. It was one of those days when I went wandering around the internet and found Writing Prompts -Creative Copy Challenge. What a great place.

Twice a week Shane adds a lits of 10 random words that have been selected by people like James Chartrand from Men With Pens,  Chris Pearson of Thesis theme fame and Chris Brogan. Sometimes the words are tough and don’t seem to hang together at all but that only makes the brain work harder.  It’s funny that the brain can suddenly produce a story from random words when only a few minutes earlier it refused to work at all.  Yet that is what happens.

Out of the depths of my brain have come some truly odd bits of writing.  Heaven only knows where they were buried inside me (or why!) but out they come.

And it’s fun.  It really does clear your writers block.

These are just a couple of random bits that I created out of the 10 words.  You can tell which they were because they are highlighted.


It is almost over.

Angels of release have won the war, dragging me with their splintery claws from my quota of days. Death feels like a puzzle, pulling me through twisting tunnels towards dulling mysteries. Why was I ever afraid of the dark?

I’m aware of a wet nose pushing under the covers and the whimpering of my dog. My wife, emotionally incognito, is a code I was never able to crack. She watches in elegant and distant silence.

Stillness enters me and I quit the world to the sounds of a mournful howl and high heels leaving the room.


The bottle.

Another day, another bottle
You’d think I could do without it
But it soothes me.
Saviour of my day
Demon slayer of my night,
All hail liquor,
Water of the soul.

Oh exalted wine
Succulent grapes of ruby power
Fill me like a vessel.
Tip your angelic peace
Into my weary mind
Keep the stress of life at bay
Until the bottle’s dry.

You can demonize me
Drink dependant and weak
I don’t want your pedestal.
I’m not lost;
I know exactly who I am.
I’m sodden veined
And wholly unrepentant.


See what I mean?  The words can bring out anything!  And as you can tell, it doesn’t have to be brilliant or even to make real sense.

If you are stuck and can’t get the words to flow, pop over to CCC and have a play.  It’s fun, the members are very encouraging and you’ll be back with writers juices flowing before you know it.