SEO copywriting

SEO copywritingHave you mastered the fine art of conjuring gold out of thin air?

I didn’t think so. Most of us haven’t, unless you count the fictional characters in fairy tales.

While spinning air into gold is a magical ability found in a childhood fable, some businesses are so successful that it seems as though the owner has found a way to do the impossible.  Wouldn’t it be great to learn their secret?

The results might seem magical, but the answer to becoming more successful isn’t very mysterious. Many businesses experience dramatic growth in traffic, conversions and revenue after they hire an SEO copywriter. Rather than air, these expert content creators spin words into gold by helping owners to grow their business.

Why Hire an Expert to Create Your Content?

While many businesses see a rapid improvement after they hire a content creator, this usually isn’t why they hire one.  Somewhat ironically, the most common reason that business owners even consider hiring an outside writer is because it saves time.

Most business owners already have their hands full just taking care of their customers and daily operations, and they recognize they don’t have the time to write all of the content that they need. It’s only later, after they see the incredible increases in their results that they discover that their content creator made their business grow.

And having a growing, thriving business is important, because owning a business isn’t just about increasing your profits and making more money, it’s about gaining the ability to start fulfilling your goals and dreams.

If you’ve been hesitant about hiring an SEO copywriter, take the time to consider the following 5 ways that hiring an SEO Copywriter can GROW your business!

Mastering the five key elements of content creation is the key to success for many businesses.

Content – Give the Customers What They Want and Need

Regardless of the type of content that is being created, you need it to grab the attention of your target audience, keep them hooked and compel them to take action. You want the reader to be so enthralled with the content that after they take action, they then like and share your content with their connections on all of their social media networks.

A copywriter can create this type of content for you, because they specialise in understanding what your current and prospective customers want and need – and then they give it to them!

When customers enjoy the content that you post, they will keep coming back to your site, increasing your traffic, and building trust and authority within your niche. Your audience becomes more likely to look to your site when they need products and services. They will then share your site with others, which generates new leads while also continuing to increase your traffic, conversion rate and sales.

Some business owners make the mistake of believing they don’t need great content on their site, they assume they can rely on social media to get the word out about their business. Ads on Facebook and other social media do have a place in marketing your business, but they can’t take the place of having solid content on your site. While ads might entice some traffic to your business, they won’t stay on your site or return for future visits and share your site with others unless you have compelling content.

Having a skilled copywriter to produce this compelling content literally has the power to put gold in your pocket.

Content – Optimise Content to Appeal to Search Engines

Creating thrilling content that your current and prospective customers enjoy is only part of the battle; because no one is going to discover your content if its creator fails to use the most up to date best SEO practices. Without SEO you and your business are invisible.

Keeping up with these practices is difficult. Google and the other search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to weed out sites that use the wrong techniques to generate traffic.  Keyword stuffing, backlinking to sites with a poor reputation and having a site that isn’t optimised for mobile users are just a few of the many ways that your site can become invisible, or even penalised in the search engine ranking.

Social media networks are also constantly evolving. What works on one site to grab your audience’s attention can completely fail on another. Your copywriter must be able to keep up with all of these changes and incorporate SEO best practices while also creating content that customers want and need. That’s why businesses really need more than just sales copy and ads – they need a copywriter that can produce compelling content while keeping up-to-date with industry and SEO practices – in other words they need an SEO copywriter if they want to flourish.

Content – Visibility is Just Part of the Plan

An SEO copywriter does all of the hard work for you. They take the time to get to know the wants and needs of your customers and create compelling content. They keep up with trends and updates and do detailed keyword research as well as use on page elements such as building natural links to the content and using meta descriptions, title tags, anchor text, keyword ratios and headlines effectively when they create your content to increase your visibility.

The content that they create is not limited to sales copy and posts for your blog. They can create a wide range of content that can help you connect to and build a relationship with your current and prospective customers. This content also includes internal and external articles, eBooks, whitepapers, case studies, posts on social media, press releases, videos, infographics, audio downloads, email campaigns, and much more.  Regardless of the type of content that is produced, it is created in a way to raise the visibility of you and your business.

While it’s important that the content be compelling and created with SEO best practices so that you stand out from your competitors and are noticed, it also needs to be created while keeping in mind the overall goals of the marketing strategy for your content.

A truly skilled SEO copywriter will work with you or your social media manager to ensure that the content is created to achieve specific and measurable objectives.  Since content creation is so vital to your overall marketing strategy many SEO copywriters now work for companies that offer Social Media Management and SEO copywriting as part of a package of services that are designed to leverage a wide range of content to maximise your results.

Content – With Branding, the Sum is Greater Than the Individual Parts

As a consumer yourself, you probably already have first-hand knowledge of the power of branding. When a company becomes an established leader in a certain line of business, you, as the consumer, trust their products, services and recommendations. You turn to these companies and their lines because they have established their brand name; their name holds value and means something to you.

An expert copywriter not only creates content that increases your visibility and works to achieve the goals of a marketing plan, they also create content that helps you to brand your business. Regardless of the size of your business, the industry or the lines of products or services that you sell, effective, compelling content has the power to establish and brand your name.

How important is branding to the success of a business? Just ask yourself, how much is it worth to you, as a business owner, to have the ability to be the FIRST one that a current or prospective customer thinks about and turns to when they need or want something?

Content – Promoting Conversations, and Engagement While Protecting Reputation

SEO copywriters create content that grows your business by writing content that promotes engagement with your customers. To maximise the results, it’s not enough to just rank high in search engine results, brand your business, increase visibility, hit your marketing targets and create content that customers enjoy and share – your content must help you create a relationship with your current and prospective customers.

Copywriters achieve this by crafting content in a way that it promotes an online conversation between you and your audience while also protecting your reputation. Additional leads, as well as the opportunity to learn from direct feedback as your audience is prompted to directly engage with you are an invaluable and potentially priceless benefit of hiring an outside expert to create your content.

Professional SEO copywriters have the expertise to combine all 5 of these key elements of content creation to make the perfect formula to improve and grow your business by saving you time while increasing your traffic, conversion rates and revenue. The final consideration to keep in mind when you try to decide whether or not it is truly “worth it” to hire an SEO copywriter  is that while you may choose to forgo using an expert to create your content, it is likely that your competition will not.  Can you really afford to make mistakes in your content that might cause you to fall behind your competition?

If these 5 elements of content creation sound a bit complex and like a lot of hard work – that’s because creating content that grows your business actually is quite the detailed undertaking – and we enjoy it! Why not get in touch today with any questions that you might have and to learn more about how we can help you stay ahead of your competition and build relationships with customers through your content?