Is it legal to have a copywriter write your articles and publish them under your own name? This is a question I’ve been asked many times so let’s get clear on copywriting and how it works.

Who uses copywriters?

It’s common to use copywriters in business. Some experts who are too busy to write for themselves will hire writers to produce their books for them. It’s rare to find a business owner who enjoys and has time to create their own materials. That means you’re not the only person who might use a copywriting service like Clever Streak.

What contribution do you need to make to the article?

Sometimes all a client will do is to give a topic suggestion and then leave it to the copywriter to come up with ideas and create an interesting piece. The best results, however, are collaborative. If it was my business and I was commissioning an article, I’d like to be clear on what I want the article to include, wouldn’t you?

We ask clients to fill in a brief or at least suggest some dot points about the information the article should cover. This collaborative approach lets us produce an article more tailored to your needs.

You are buying a service.

Just as you would if you went to a hairdresser, you are buying and paying for a service. The hairdresser won’t label your hair with his or her name. It’s your hair.

Similarly, with copywriting, you are buying and paying for a service. Once you’ve paid for it, you own the articles.  

Is it legal?

When you choose your copywriter, pay close attention to their terms and conditions or to the agreement you sign.

It should be clearly stated that the copywriter is giving you legal consent to claim the article as your own. If it’s not clear, ask the copywriter to amend the agreement to clarify the point.

If you don’t pay the copywriter but publish the article anyway, you are breaching copyright laws.

Is it ethical?

Yes, it is. If the copywriter has given ownership of the content, you can use it when and wherever you choose to, and you are free to publish it under your own name. Some of our clients are happy to say they use a copywriter and will often thank Clever Streak in their social media posts. If you’re still uncomfortable with the ethics, this is a way to be ‘above board’ with your work. However, if you’ve paid the writer and met the terms of the agreement, you are safely within legal and ethical boundaries to claim the work as your own.

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Is it cheating?

Definitely not. Working with a copywriter is a clever use of your time and resources. How much time can you afford to lose sweating over a hot keyboard to produce an article which might only be ‘OK’?

Yes, it’s legal.

I hope you can relax now and consider using a copywriter to write your articles and marketing materials. If you and your copywriter stick to the terms of your agreement, you will be able to get your message out to the people who need to find you.

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