Yes, that is a serious question and I’m really asking it.

Are you taking your business too seriously?

Before you go and jump on me to tell me I’m ridiculous and of course you have to take business seriously, let me ask you a question.  When was the last time you had the great idea or moment of inspiration?  When was the last time you really enjoyed your day?  When was the last time that your business gave you a belly laugh?

You’re taking a while to answer…

When we start taking ourselves and our businesses too seriously, we paralyse our brains.  We limit the paths it can wander down.  Nope, keep out!  That’s for the holidays.  Nope, keep out.  That’s secret.  No wonder we start running out of ideas and business gets dull.

Fun is what keeps the energy flowing in your business.  If you’re having a great time, it shows and it will attract people to you.

I found this video on the Eight Irresistable Principles of  Fun and I’d like you to watch it.  The new year is not far away.  Maybe you can take some of these ideas and liven up your business life.  Imagine how much fun the next year might be if you set yourself free!