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Sometimes on my wanders I come across a Facebook business page that is really struggling.

You know the type.  They have a few sparse posts saying hello or “come and see my website” to their followers.  You can almost see the willywillies gathering dust and cobwebs as they sweep through the empty space.

We all know that keeping your Facebook business page active and engaging can really eat into your time but isn’t it worth it?  Didn’t you set up the page so you could connect to your target market and hopefully convert them into clients?  That ain’t gonna happen if you’re not there on your page with them.


So, here are a few suggestions for keeping your business page active, interesting and useful to your followers.

1.  Ask questions.

What a great way to find out what is on their minds.  Remember all that open/closed question stuff you learnt about?  It comes in handy here.  Don’t worry if you don’t get an answer to the first question you ask, just pop one out every now and then and people will soon get used to it and start offering answers.

2.  Try a poll.

Facebook have made this so easy to do with their “Question” tab.  Write up your question and add some answer choices and you’re away.  Just look at the top of your page and there it is, waiting to be used.

3. Discuss a current and related news topic.

People always have an opinion especially on current stuff.    Think about what is going on in the world at the moment that might have an impact on your followers.  It’s OK to be controversial if that is your company image and personality but be ready to cop the flak from those who don’t agree with you.  No matter what you say, remember to be true to your brand.

4.  Answer some of your FAQ’s.

The reason they are FAQ’s is that people want that information.  Yes, you might have the answers on your website but we’re not there.  We’re here on your Facebook business page.  Answer the question in plain and simple terms.  Now, don’t think that just because you’ve answered it, you won’t get more questions.  You probably will.  And that’s great!  Now you’ve got someone involved in the chat.

5.  Add a video

Some people would much rather watch a video than read your posts.  ( I know!  Go figure!)  Adding some variation to the format of your content will make your page look busier.

6   Run a competition.

People love the chance to win something.  Run a giveaway or a guessing competition.  Anything!  If there’s a prize at the end of it you will have people entering.  Just remember to check the Facebook rules for competitions.  You don’t want your business page shut down because you’ve made a simple mistake.

7.  Share posts

If you see something good, share it.  If you love it the chances are that your target group will, too.  I don’t need to tell you to be discreet in your choices, do I?  If it’s rude and your target group isn’t – keep it to yourself!  There are plenty of inspirational quotes you could share instead.

8.  Be seasonal.

Now we are coming up to Christmas so why not build some posts around gift giving or families?   If the cutesy stuff isn’t for you, add posts about the time Santa got it wrong or alternative ways to spend Christmas Day.  Just use some imagination.

9.  Talk about your products or services.

Don’t sell, sell, sell.  You know how irritating that can be.  There is nothing to stop you talking about a product and it’s benefits, though.  The people on your page are interested in you and what you do.  They’ll be interested to know more about your products.  Throwing in a call to action now and then is logical.  You ARE in business, after all,  Just don’t be bruising people by tossing them at your clients all the time.

10.  Just talk.

Be yourself.  Be present.  That’s what people really want to see on a business page.   No matter how dead your page seems to you, or how many willywillies blow through, there WILL be people dropping in.  They aren’t going to say gidday if they think you’re not there so show them that you are.

Those ideas ought to help your get your Facebook business page going again.  If you still need some help, shoot me an email or take a look at our social media maintenance service.  Either way, I’m certain to be able to help.

So, what have you got planned for your Facebook business page this week?