Bendigo business creates new regional training opportunities and  reduces unemployment.

In an industry first, Bendigo business Care Beyond Measure (CBM) has joined forces with the GORDON Institute of TAFE and Deakin University, to develop a comprehensive employment program for personal carers which opens the doors to employment and further education.

In an innovative approach which is being observed by a range of industries around the country, the program will be presented in a Learning Centre, designed to simulate real world conditions.  Not only will carers learn the skills needed to assist the elderly, people with disabilities, they will learn how to support them within the limitations of a typical family home.

The program offers a nationally accredited qualification through a staged program which encourages carers to upgrade their qualifications in a form of continuous development. Carers are able to fast track their careers and their range of skills knowing there is guaranteed employment waiting for them on completion.

Managing Director Sam Tayeh says, “Our industry needs help. The population is aging and the workforce is shrinking which means that soon we’re going to run out of carers.  We need to attract people to the job but up until now personal care and disability support workers have not had much in the way of career path.  There was little incentive to join.”

“Our new program has two exciting and unique things about it.  Firstly, because the course is nationally accredited our carers can choose to continue to learn, progressing through a structured program that ultimately leads them to university study if that is where they would like to go.  Secondly, the Learning Centre lets carers get a real feel for the job in the kind of place they will be working when they complete the course.  They can practice their skills while they are closely monitored by their instructor. “

While other industries wait to assess the success of CBM’s initiative, existing carers are excited at the new opportunities available to them and are already planning the next steps in their careers.

The first accredited course commences on February 4th 2013 and will focus on Senior Care (Dementia).  People who are interested in careers in the personal care industry are encouraged to attend one of the information sessions to be held on Tuesday November 27th, 2012 (Session 1 at 10:00 am OR Session 2 at 12:00 pm) at The Capital, 50 View Street, Bendigo.

For information on the new Learning Centre, accredited training programs or Care Beyond Measure please contact Sam Tayeh, Managing Director on either mobile 0429 001 656 or office telephone 03 5444 5662 or alternatively email