Last weekend Kurt and I were lucky enough to attend Pete Godfrey‘s Client Appreciation Day in Melbourne.   (If you don’t know, Pete is the copywriter everyone else wishes they were.) We must have been some of the first people to snap up tickets for the event when it was announced, so we’d been waiting for what seemed like forever for the big day to arrive.

So there we are outside the closed door, champing at the bit to be allowed to enter.  There was a small crowd of people with us, all doing the same thing.

The doors were flung open and in we went.

Sadly some people were more enthusiastic than others in their entry and before I knew it there was a foot stuck firmly onto the back of my shoe and the hem of my jeans.

I was down on my knees in Pete Godfrey’s mosh pit before the show had even begun.

What a way to make an entrance, hey?

As it turned out, that’s where I should have stayed.  What a day!

Not only did Pete share a lot of his experience with us, he slipped in a lot of secret tips along the way which make a huge difference to a piece of writing.  Now, Pete is a practical man and that’s what made his presentation so worthwhile.  He didn’t just stand there and give his tips; he showed us how to apply them and why they worked.

Pete had special guest Dave Krauter from Website Facelift who showed us how to turn a standard website into a lead generating site.

The day ended with the enthusiastic exuberance of Pat Mesiti who talked about removing the money blockages in our minds.

And to think all of this was free.

To top the day off, when I finally got back onto my feet, I met people I had only known online and through Facebook.

If you have the chance to attend one of Pete Godfrey’s workshops, grab it. You don’t have to be an aspiring writer to learn what Pete has to teach.  If you are in any sort of business you will learn a lot about how your customers think and what they want from you.

Pete Godfrey – you rock!