glass straws

Spring heralds the season of warm sands, long cool drinks and picnics in the park. It’s also the season when Australian families have struggled to look stylish while sipping their drinks through gaudy, unmanageable plastic straws.

Not only are plastic straws hard to control when you drink with them, they give the environment a shocking hangover the next day. They end up lying in dirty, debauched piles around the beaches and footpaths after their hard night out.

How can anyone look stylish or even feel comfortable when surrounded by the bloodshot eyes of last night’s plastic straws blearily peering behind innocent, newly-sprung spring blooms?

Glass Straws is putting the style back into the Australian spring.  Eco-friendly and eco-glam glass straws put an end to the problem of destructive plastic straws.

Glass Straws Director, Monique Alamedine says “The moment people see glass straws they are struck by how beautiful they are.  I hear lots of oohs and aahs. Then when they sip their first drink through them they are hooked. The smooth feel of the glass is almost a sensual experience. Of course, the drinks taste so much better through glass than plastic.”

Monique says that glass straws are the eco-stylish way to drink everything from smoothies to fresh green juices or even cocktails. They are even tough enough to cope with hot drinks and suitable for kids to use.

The range is versatile and includes cocktail straws for clear elegance through to wide straws for use with smoothies and shakes. They are available in straight or angled styles.

“Plastic straws are ugly and they are a disaster for the environment.  I want to show that you can be uber-stylish and still be eco-friendly.  Glass straws are elegant and eco-glam.”

Around the world over 5 million plastic straws are produced every day and many of them are washed into drainage system, destroying the oceans and killing thousands of marine animals every year.

“Style isn’t just about looking good” says Monique.  “It’s about having respect for yourself and the world around you. One glass straw replaces thousands of plastic straws. Glass straws are the responsible choice.”

This spring Australians can sip their drinks through cool, elegant glass straws safe in the knowledge that the plastic bodies of earlier revellers won’t be cluttering up the gorgeous Australian environment.

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