Seeing your name in print, in reality, is not as complicated as it sounds, particularly when it comes to publishing your very own e-book on

ambookMost of us have something to say about one topic or another and sometimes the difficult part can be just getting some words down on paper.  Once you start doing this, generally the words will start to flow and you will find you have enough content to start planning a book in its entirety.

We always recommend having someone proofread or edit your work because (as we know) it is so easy to miss an error or two, particularly when you have been staring at the same text for the last week straight.  A fresh eye over the content will be able to pick up any glaringly obvious errors you have made and it will just help fine-tune those problem areas which you aren’t 100% happy about.  But let’s face it, when are we completely happy with our work?  Sometimes we just have to get to a stage where we feel we have the done the best we can possibly do and move on to the next part of the process.

The publishing process for many can be a little tricky especially for those attempting it for the first time.  We recommend having an error free manuscript formatted to the Kindle standard, cover image complete with book title and author name, book description, an idea of the publication price, a brief author biography and a selection of keywords to enable your customers to find you, prior to publication. Once you have these things prepared you are ready to upload your e-book, and within 24 hours (all being well), you will find that you have become a published author and are well on your way to selling a book or two.

For many business owners, finding time to do much of this process can be tricky and that’s where we come in.  Whether you are looking for someone to write, edit or proofread your work, we are here to assist.  If you have a completed e-book that you are looking to publish, we are more than happy to upload it to Amazon and we will even write the description, create the cover image and do whatever else is necessary to complete the task.

One of the many things that we get pleasure out of at (as strange as it sounds) is seeing our client’s name in print, particularly on such formidable sites as  A solid body of work available for sale the world over allows our clients to really showcase their talent and cements them as an expert in their own field.

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Article by Blog and ePublishing Manager Michelle Tupy.