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Love Alters

You don’t have to look hard to find the mention of divorce and breakups in the news.  Sometimes it is hard to imagine that a relationship is able to survive in today’s world.  But they can and they do.

Love Alters was born out of the desire to share some amazing real life love stories that ordinary people experience.  It is easy to become negative about life and relationships.  We have all experienced heartache, break-ups or divorce at some stage in our life (some all three) but we also need to realise that even though this occurs, love can bloom again.  Like a flower flourishing in a desert, love can blossom in a broken heart – sometimes when we least expect it.  That is one of the most amazing things about love.

“In that gaze, we discovered over and over again that love is victorious, even if the body is failing, even if life does not turn out as expected and even if death seems imminent. This discovery has been our greatest gift.”

“It was a few last photos, an exchange of bracelets, a thousand kisses but even more tears. There was so much I wanted to say in those dying last minutes but I was really just lost for words, as she was. Anna‘s last words were, “I never thought I would have fallen in love at 18, I just don’t know what else to say”.”

“From that day forward, we have been locked together in the deepest love that could ever manifest on this planet.  We got married eighteen months later and have since seen 36 wonderful years together.”

“Life has never been easy for us, but we have always had each other and our love has never diminished, only grown into something we adore every day. We still get excited tingles in the stomach when we haven’t seen each other all day and we text constantly if we’re apart for longer than a day. We can’t imagine life without each other.”

These are excerpts from some of the amazing stories which have crossed my desk.  Some of them have made me laugh, some have made me cry but despite heartache, hurt and even death, love has found a way to manifest itself in the most unusual of circumstances.

If you have a love story that you would like to share, we would love to hear it.  More details can be found on the Love Alters website at www.lovealters.com or on their Facebook page.

Love Alters is scheduled for publication in early 2015.