Sometimes I think simplicity is a forgotten art.  When did we become so busy and complicated?

Wherever I look online I see instructions for this and guides for that. I see ‘the top mistakes you’ll make in…” or “Don’t take action until you’ve checked….”

Is it any wonder people put off doing whatever they are supposed to be doing? We have business owners coming to us quite often, stressing about what they should or shouldn’t put in their newsletters or on their blogs. They are so confused that they end up doing nothing.

You know, all the advice and guidance that is out there for free is wonderful and most of it is really good advice. But if you’re not ready for it, don’t read it. That’s what I have decided.

You’ve got to make a start first before you can decide what works for you and what doesn’t. Once you’ve been doing it  (whatever it might be) for a while, then you can start to perfect it. Only then will you have enough understanding of what you are doing to be able to clearly assess things for yourself. The whole process will be an ongoing learning experience. Every time you complete your writing you will look back and see things you now want to change or improve on. That’s part of your growth and it’s a good thing.

Don’t let the “shoulds” and “shoudn’ts” stop you before you’ve begun. We all make mistakes and sometimes even technology lets us down. It’s not unusual to find emails in my inbox sent by some of the top writers or gurus out there and the headline is “oops.” Even they make mistakes yet they are still up there at the top.

Jennie Armato talks about being ‘perfectly imperfect” and learning to be OK with that. Perfection is an aspiration and nothing more. If there’s soemthing you want to do, just give it a try, whatever it is. If the final product isn’t perfect, who cares? At least you now have a product. And I’ll let you in on a little secret – we love people who aren’t perfect because it shows they are human and we can therefore relate to them.

Keep it simple. Simple is as perfect as you need it to be.