How long is it since you reviewed your blog and its content?  If you have had your blog for quite a while it’s possible that some of your content needs a check up.  There are a few simple things you can do which will refresh your content and make it more appealing for SEO purposes.

1.  Check your links.

Do all your links still work?  There’s nothing more annoying to a reader than broken links and Google doesn’t like them, either.  If yours is a WordPress blog you might like to install Broken Link Checker which will check them regularly and notify you when the link stops working.

polish up your blog

 2.  Build internal links.

Internal links are important because they help lead the search engines through your site.  They also make it easier for people who are interested in the topic to find related posts within your blog.

3.  Refresh your older posts.

Depending on the kind of content you have, recent developments or news might affect what you have written in the past.  Consider updating the posts to reflect the current situation or writing an update post and linking to the original version.

4.  Review your content plan.

You do have one, don’t you?  If not, get cracking and  map out a plan for the future.  If you have one but you’ve forgotten to follow it, check to see how far you have strayed from your path.  If you’ve diligently followed your plan, review it to see if it is still leading you where you want to go.  How successful has it been and what tweaks can you make that will give you a boost.

5. Check your style.

Does your layout need a makeover?  Is it still working for you and your readers?  Does it load quickly or do the images slow it down?  The search engines value a speedy loading site so if yours is not one of them, think about changing the theme or template.

These 5 little tips will add some shine to your blog and its content.  Ideally you should review each of these on a regular basis.

OK, off you go.  Give your blog the once-over.  Let me know how you go.